What is a project?

A project is very similar to a folder, where you can have multiple articles. Generally, these folders would be all the content that you create for one website.

Let’s see how you can stay on top of deadlines, manage team members, and monitor what’s happening in a project. On clicking on any project card:

You will see a screen similar to one below:

Let’s break down the screen above to learn what has been going on in “Demo Project” that is Connected to WordPress.

The Article Table ( Articles Tab)

The article table shows a table of all the articles in a particular project with all the necessary details that you need to keep track of at a glance. Let’s understand what these fields are in more detail:


This is the title of the Article. 


Three actions are available for each article, View, Edit and Delete. View mode is a read only mode, edit mode is when a team mate would want to edit an article, and delete is used when you want to delete an article. 

WordPress Status

WordPress status has three statuses that can tell you if the article is:

  1. On Contenteum
    The article is on Contenteum and has not been published or drafted on WordPress.
  2. Published
    The article is published on your WordPress Website
  3. Drafted
    The article has been sent as a draft to the connected WordPress Website.


This is the priority of the article, defaults to medium. There are 3 priority levels:

  1. Low
  2. Medium
  3. High

Assigned To

This column shows you which team member the article is currently assigned to.


This shows what stage your article is currently. Here are the stages an article can be in:

  1. Article Created
  2. In Progress
  3. Content Brief Generated
  4. Awaiting Approval
  5. Article Approved
  6. Completed
  7. Published

Primary Keyword

The primary keyword of the article, the keyword shown is the keyword used to generate optimization suggestions to optimize an article. 

Last Updated

This column shows when the article was last edited.