| Updated: March 16, 2021

What are the different article stages?

Written by purushottamkiri

Article Created

This shows the number of articles in the “Article Created” Stage. When you or a team member first create an article, this stage is assigned automatically. 

In Progress

This shows the number of articles in the “In Progress” Stage. Whenever you or a team member start writing an article, the stage of the article is automatically set to “In Progress”.

Awaiting Approval

This shows the number of articles in the “Awaiting Approval” Stage. Approvals help you organize your team structure so your in-house or remote writers can send an article for approval to the content manager or owner. 

So, For instance, If John, the content writer, has been assigned an article and now requests approval for the same, until the time a manager or owner does not approve the article, the article stays in awaiting approval stage. 

If Bob, the content manager, has a look at the article, but needs some revisions made, they can add a message to the approval request and request changes. 

At this point, the article automatically changes it’s stage to “In progress”. 


This shows the number of articles in the “Published” Stage. Published stage is assigned when you have published an article to your connected WordPress website. Or if you use a custom CMS platform, a team member can also set this manually.

Article Approved

This shows the number of articles in the “Article Approved” Stage. If a writer requests approval and a manager or owner approves the content piece, the article stage is set to “Article Approved”.


This shows the number of articles in the “Completed” Stage. This is the only stage that needs to be set manually, because, hey, it’s not done till you say so. I know, if the technology existed, we would have pulled this off too!

Written by purushottamkiri

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